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The World's Only Self-Cleaning Lubrication

What is Cerma STM-3?

The Worlds Only Self-Cleaning Engine System

Cerma STM-3 is a revolutionary technology, which is added to the engine oil.  Once added, the vehicle will restore engine performance, increase horsepower and torque, prolong operational life, and continuously clean vehicle.  Cerma STM-3 is applicable to all vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, semi-trucks, and industrial and commercial equipment.  Straight from the start you will see, hear and feel the difference using Cerma STM-3.  By the time the "Cerma" process is complete, your engine will be at its peak performance, have that extra horsepower, run quieter and smoother, benefit from longer oil life and protection, and increased fuel economy.  Best of all, Cerma STM-3 is self-cleaning:  meaning that after Cerma STM-3 is added, the engine will continuously clean itself, thus maintaining peak operational performance.

How Cerma STM-3 Works

Clean, Restore, Lubricate and Protect

Cerma STM-3 takes a 4-prong approach to increasing engine performance and enhancing vehicle. Performance in any engine is dependent on the effectiveness of the lubrication.  The better the lubrication works, the better an engine can perform to its maximum potential. The areas in which Cerma STM-3 increases engine lubrication are:

1.  CLEAN:  Removes "DIRT" inside the engine

2.  RESTORE:  Restores engine to peak performance

3.  LUBRICATE:  Increases the LUBRICATION of the entire engine

4.  PROTECT:  Worlds only SELF-CLEANING engine catalyst with unmatched protection

Cerma STM-3 Products

Complete Line of Lubrication Products

Cerma offers a complete line of lubrication products to meet your needs.  All fortified with Cerma’s proprietary STM-3 technology.

Treatments for Vehicles: Engine, Transmission, Power Steering, Gear, Differential, Hydraulic, and Vanos.

Motor Oils: Offered in a number of viscosities for both gasoline, diesel, and motorcycle.

Specialty Treatments and Lubes: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Firearm Cleaner and Grease, Air Tool Lube, High Temp Lithium Grease, and Multi-Purpose Grease.

Specialty Oils and Fluids: Transmission Fluid, Gear Oils, Power Steering and Hydraulic, Compressor Oil, and Chain Oil.

Money Saving Protection for your Engine!

All while Resotring Engine to Peak Performance


Benefits in the Engine

Technology that Treats the Metal

Many time, parts and equipment that seem broken are simply heavily coated in lacquers, preventing optimal function. Cerma STM-3 will remove these lacquers and carbon deposits, allowing the parts work as intended and bringing the engine back to life. Cerma STM-3 Engine:

• Clean, Seal and Protect the metal surfaces of bearings,pistons, cams, crankshaft, lifters, and all other internal moving metal parts.
• One Time Treatment!
• Protect against Friction and related Heat and Wear
• Reduce Operating Temperatures
• Increase Horsepower and Torque
• Extend the Life of Lubricated Engine Parts
• Reduce Oil Consumption, Eliminate Oil Burning
• Protect New, Revive old
• Increase Compression
• Reduce Cold Start Problems
• Increase Fuel Economy Potential

The Next Generation of Professional Engine Oils

Beyond Synthetic Protection...

Motor Oils

Benefits in the Fuel System

Cleans Fuel Lines and Restores Performance

Cerma STM-3 lubricates and protects the upper engine, prevents costly downtime, restores performance, cleans fuel tank, cleans injectors, cleans fuel lines and provides unmatched protection. Cerma STM-3 releases the lubrication trapped inside the fuel, and allows the fuel system to properly lubricate. In addition, Cerma STM-3 Fuel Treatment adds a “SiC” component to the system which lubricates the upper engine, cleans the fuel system, removes water and moisture, conditions the fuel pump, cleans the fuel injectors and fuel tank, and acts as an octane booster.


Benefits in the Transmission

Heat and Friction

One of the biggest enemies of a transmission is heat. The amount of heat present in the system will normally dictate the life of that transmission. Adding Cerma STM-3 Transmission significantly reduces the heat and friction within the equipment. In addition, Cerma STM-3 addresses the extreme pressure (EP) areas, such as planetary and worn gear systems, bushings, bearings, and shafts. By penetrating the metal surfaces and embedding a thin 1 to 6 micron ceramic “SiC” coating, the Cerma process drastically reduces internal friction, leading to a reduction in oil temperature, increased transmission efficiency, and prolonged operational life.


Benefits in the Power Steering

Improve Steering Response and Feel

Cerma STM-3 helps maintain efficiency, performance, and the condition of power steering units.  Cerma is designed to prevent leakage and squealing under severe conditions. Will not clog or foam. Helps prevent corrosion, oxidation and wear. 

Power Steering

Benefits in the Differential

Quiets Noisy Drivetrains

The differential is designed to compensate for the difference in distance the inner wheels and outer wheels travel as the vehicle goes around a corner.  The differential oil lubricates the ring and pinion gears that transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles.  Maintaining the differential is just as important as changing your engine's oil, and for the same reason.

Truck and Fleet

Fuel Economy, Max Protection,
Max Performance

Treatment Package:

Restore Power • Reduce Emissions • Reduce Friction • Protect Engine • Reduce Harmonics and Vibration • Increase Horsepower, Torque & Performance • Engineered for Maximum Fuel Economy


EVO Motor Oil

The Future of Motor Oil has Arrived!

EVO is the most advanced motor oil on the market today.  Protects like a 40W, runs like a 0W.  EVO is a Multi-Weight Motor Oil that reacts with the Cerma Engine Treatment to provide Maximum Protection to the Engine   at a 0Weight Viscosity.  0W means the oil flows freely within the engine to further protect engine and engine parts and increase fuel economy.

EVO Motor Oil

Cerma Blue Ice A/C

Improves A/C Performance


Cerma Blue Ice  is a revolutionary technology that improves the overall performance of a/c units and refrigeration systems by improving heat transfer, reducing power usage and shortening cycling times.  Cerma has developed Cerma Blue Ice so that even a novice can apply the product using our applicator tool, as well as video's showing how to use the tools, and the proper dosage for your needs.


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