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ISO 14034:2016 Environmental management — Environmental technology verification (ETV)

Certification from Canadian Environmental Technology Verification Program

EPA Certified Laboratory, California Environmental Engineering, Report on Fuel Savings and Emissions Reductions

Evaluation for the Evidence of Cerma on the Surface of Cylinder Bore and Connecting Rod Caps

The objective of the Energotest project is to conduct controlled test track studies of solutions for achieving higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions of...

Two-week monitoring of a walk in freezer cooled by a 5-ton 3PH 208V Freon compressor owned by Villarina’s Pasta and Find Food of Danbury, CT.

Diesel smoke test (opacity) measuring the particulate in the diesel truck's stack exhaust for a 1992 Cummins Diesel.

Diesel smoke test (opacity) measuring the particulate in the diesel truck's stack exhaust for a M11 Cummins Diesel Smoke Test

SAE J1667 Snap Acceleration Emission Inspection on 1999 Detroit 60 Series.

CFR - 40 Part 86 EPA 78 emissions test for diesel motor on a 1984 ready to junk Mercedes Turbo.

Diesel fuel efficiency of 16.15% using Cerma STM-3 from Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company LTD.

Metal Surface Test after Cerma STM-3 Treatment showing thickness of coating on the surface.  Cerma, once cured, will not allow any additional coats to...

Dramatic lower wear from oil analysis after Cat Rock Driller treated with Cerma STM-3.

Cerma STM-3 lubrication systems greatly reduces operating and maintenance costs, carbon footprint, and fuel costs for heavy-duty equipment and semi-trucks.

4 page brochure explaining the Cerma STM-3 technology with some test data.

4 page brochure with accordion fold,  highlighting some of the main products and showing the Cerma STM-3 technology.

Diesel Fleet Flyer targeting Cerma Treatment and Motor Oils for Diesel Trucks and Fleets.

Cerma Blue Ice Flyer highlighting energy savings and showing benefits.

Cerma Blue Ice presentation of the technology and benefits.

Dosages and Instructions for Cerma STM-3 Treatments and Motor OIls

Information on Cerma STM-3 Motor OIls and Dosages for Treatments

Dosages and Instructions for Cerma Blue Ice A/C and Refrigeration Treatment

Testimonials from Larson's Shipyard - first hand experience of Cerma STM-3 use from Owner, Technician and Mechanic.

Testimonials from Dallas Superior Air Service documented between a 10% and 0% savings in amperage draw.