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Gas Engine Treatment

Engine Treatment - Gas and Diesel Autos

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Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment is our premier product to start the Cerma process and to clean, restore, lubricate, and protect vehicle / equipment. 

Simple one-time application -- add to engine oil of vehicle and go!

Cerma Points

•  Protects New, Revives old
•  Restores Engine and Transmission Performance
•  Increases Horsepower & Torque
•  Increases Compression
•  Fuel Economy (4.2 to 21 % as Tested)
•  Reduces Emission Gases (92% as Tested)
•  Stops Carbon Deposits
•  Prevents Hydrogen Embrittlement Damage
•  Reduced Engine Vibration and Noise (Harmonics)
•  Stops Cold Start Problems. (Tested to -40 Deg.)
•  STM-3 is 100% Active Ingredient
•  Cerma STM-3 is 100% Organic
•  All Cerma Products are Fully Insured (US & Foreign)
•  100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Notice: All information stated above is based on 12 years of real data, not hype or dreams of a marketing group. Cerma Guarantee's It!  Required FTC statement:  your results may vary.

Cerma performance claims have been reviewed by the Government.  We are proud to be the only engine treatment ever to be  ETV Program Verified - Click Here

From the Inventor - John Murry:
"Why settle for minimal lubrication protection when you could have Cerma's Advanced Lubrication Protection?

Unlike traditional engine oil additives, Cerma with STM-3® does more than just coat.  Cerma STM-3 Treatment actually penetrates your engine's internal metal parts to eliminate engine generated destructive harmonics, noise and vibration, while increasing performance and improving gas mileage.

Cerma simultaneously cleans, and protects worn parts by creating a smoother, more durable surface without changing factory tolerances.  Cerma STM-3 effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear.

Cerma has spent over 10 years validating every aspect of our treatment and the advanced science associated with Cerma STM-3. The application is simple, Cerma works with our 100% active ingredient, STM-3®, applying a long-lasting Nano Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix seal within the sub-surfaces of the engine. While you drive, Cerma penetrates the metal surfaces 1 to 6 microns deep and forms this Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix within the metal, that is lapped to a perfect mating surface on the metal as Cerma is curing within the sub-surfaces of the metal of the running assembly, engine, transmission or anything that requires lubrication.

By reducing friction and heat, Cerma's Advanced Technology provides similar benefits as traditional lubricants but works in a completely different way. Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment does not modify the oil in any way. Instead, it modifies the surface structure of the metal to make it act like a ceramic surface. Cerma will create a  Silicon Carbide matrix within the metal surface (known for it's strength, durability, smoothness and high heat resistance properties).  Silicon Carbide coatings have been used for decades in racing, industry, aviation and nuclear propulsion.  With STM-3®, a ceramic (SiC)-metal coating can now be applied  to your engine, transmission, rear axle or whatever equipment your treating with one simple application, no special tools & without dis-assembly.  Cerma with STM-3® provides a huge cost savings, with all the benefits of a ceramic engine.  Seal the Steel™ with Cerma STM-3® and enjoy the performance that professional race engine builders, aerospace engineers have known about for years, but at a fraction of the prior cost to achieve same results.

Cerma STM-3®  "Ceramic" Silicon Carbide (SiC) Metal Treatment  is the best way to optimize your Engine or Transmission's overall performance without dis-assembly. Once you treat your engine or transmission with Cerma, you will feel and hear the difference immediately! Your vehicle will run quieter and more smoothly with improved performance. We are so certain that you will be impressed by the results, that all Cerma Treatments come with a 90-day, no hassle money back guarantee!  Did I mention that Cerma is a "one" time  treatment?"

Simple one-time engine treatment, treat the metal not the oil with Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment, you will hear and feel the difference within 20 minutes.  Cerma STM-3, is the only pure SiC metal treatment, proven to substantially decreases friction, reduce damaging harmonics and wear in the engine.  Cerma with STM-3 is not harmful in any way to your to plastics, rubber, or seals.

Dosage Amounts:
Automobiles (Gasoline 4 to 8 Cylinders) - One 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (2 ounces total)
Automobiles (Small Diesel 1 to 2.8 Liter Engine) - One 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (2 ounces total)
Automobiles (Small Diesel 3 to 4.8 Liter Engine) - Two 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (4 ounces total)

You will also receive instruction sheet with your order, follow to the letter for positive results.  You may also download these instructions under "Dosage and Instructions" tab.

Q - Where do I put this product? in my fuel or oil?
A - Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment is applied via the engine oil, although Cerma does not fully mix with oil, the oil will carry Cerma to the metal components within your engine.

Q - Does Cerma require re-treatment?
A - In most cases Cerma is a ONE TIME application.  (Extreme usages like racing, high vibration, excessive miles, may require re-treatment).

Q - What should I expect from this treatment?
A - Your engine will become smoother, run with more power, and depending on driving habits/conditions you should see fuel economy improvement.  Best of all the engine will run better and longer… saving thousands in repair/replacement of critical parts.
Questions? call Tech Support at 310-617-5757

Money Back Satisfaction:
90 Days (Limitations and Restrictions Apply)
Return Period:
30 Days (Unopend, Unused)
Cerma SKU:
CMT-2 / CDTC-2
2 Ounce Gas / 2 Ounce Diesel
650019157440 / 650019157761
Originally posted on: http://www.velosterturbo.org/forum/veloster-maintenance/5282-cerma-treatments-oil-lubricants-good-order-222.html#post351474

(( I will say I'm only 2 days into the treatment with 22k miles on the odo only 100 miles driven since treated and already noticing a big difference when driving it on the highway and even in the city. I must say I've been made a believer. The car feels more normal and definitely feels like it runs much smoother when really getting on the gas. As for the idling, starting to notice that it feels more 'confident' when idling now than it did before. Definitely money well spent. ))
Reposted from: http://www.velosterturbo.org/forum/veloster-maintenance/5282-cerma-treatments-oil-lubricants-good-order-222.html#post351474

I've read this thread for a while and decided to buy some AT treatment and 2 engine treatments yesterday. But not for my Veloster. I bought a beater truck (165K miles) for hunting and use around the house so I'm going to treat that with CERMA because why not. I'm also putting an engine treatment into my moms car that just crossed the 300k mark. I've done homework on CERMA, listened to the discussions/arguments on here, and for me the "proof" will be the difference in these 2 vehicles after the treatments. Based on that I will decide whether or not to bother putting it in my VT. ))

So it's been a couple of months since I put engine treatment in my mom's (2001 Toyota Avalon) and my girlfriends car (2004 Toyota Corolla), I only told them I was doing something to their engine. After about a week my mom came to me and said that her hard shifting had disappeared and that it was smoother at idle. I drove her car myself at that point and sure enough, the quick/hard shifting had stopped. That was unexpected but good news. I noticed it had more pick-up on the highway when trying to pass but my mom doesn't drive like that so she probably never noticed. My girlfriends car has around 285K, after a month she mentioned that she could accelerate on the highway without having to floor it. I put the transmission treatment in my truck (it had a very delayed then hard shift into second plus i just bought it used) and immediately could feel that working. At first it ran worse, then over the course of half an hour in city driving it smoothed out considerably. The shifting in all gears is practically unnoticeable, though occasionally the delay into second shows up, but that is speed and acceleration based and largely improved from what it was.

All-in-all I feel more confident in this product and in the technology behind it. I will be adding treatments to my car in the near future. I felt the power gain in my girlfriends car but not as much in my mom's. However both idled smoother, and the shifting issue on my mom's was an unexpected bonus. This isn't some miracle treatment for adding horsepower but it does work. I could even smell some of the gunk in the engine burning off as I was driving the cars after first adding the treatment. I'll be adding it to my car, both the engine treatment and the turbo treatment, more for reliability and longevity reasons. If it can smooth things out on two cars that are at or over 300k then it can help my car reach that point.
I never bother writing reviews, however, this product is FANTASTIC!!
560 SEC Benz with 113k miles, about 30k since valves...UNBELIEVABLE!!
Cold start on 1st turn of starter EVERY time, not the 4-6 turns...
After the results with oil treatment, did tranny, power steering and fuel treatments...
Tires squealing out of stand still when pedal punched AND chirping again into 2nd gear...with an automatic. Strongly recommend to anybody who wants increases performance and efficiency and reduces emissions and wear and tear...
I went for 1st ever Cali smog test...guy was shaking his head saying these older benzs with big motors are a problem...passed with flying colors.
This is product is the real deal. By pdidheon March 23, 2015 (via Amazon)
Would recommend this to anybody who is looking to keep there engine long lasting no matter how many miles is on it. Already used on three of the four cars in our household and have noticed a smoother sound to the engine as well as increased gas mileage on each tank at least getting 50 to 60 extra miles on each full tank on the cars. By Nedalon March 6, 2013 (via Amazon)
I used the treatment on May 15th, drove 3200 miles to Austin, TX and back to Maryland. MPG went from 13.9 to 14.6 on a 2014 Toyota Tundra with 12,000 miles. -- Steve K.
I added one bottle to the engine oil and have noticed a significant decrease in engine operating noise. So much that at idle I often feel as though the engine stalled out due to lack of any noise or vibration. This is a tremendous improvement over the engine operation prior to the addition of your product. The largest single benefit seems to be an MPG improvement from 27mpg to 30 mpg which constitutes a 10% improvement.

These benefits took about 1,000 miles to really become apparent. I look forward to adding a bottle to my wife's 2003 Ford Expedition with 120k miles and I will report any changes for your records. Sincerely, --Kevin (08/05/2010, 11:59 AM)
Update: 4/23/15: Rocket fuel. Just wanted to say that I have now treated all three of our autos with the Engine, trans, and power steering treatments and they are running like new, if not better than new. Keep up the good work. Now I'm going to get the air cond. treatments for them and the house. Brad T.

Update: 2/25/15: I love the Cerma engine treatment. I now have 800 miles with the engine treatment and my 2007 Chevy Colorado has never ran better, and I bought it new with 13 miles on it. It purrs when I fire her up in the mornings with no vibration, and it used to vibrate bad, and what's crazy is I really thought that it was all in my head and that my truck would go back to normal after a week or so ,but it hasn't. It's only getting better. This stuff is so good I Just bought two more for our car and minivan and Three bottles of the trans. treatment. Can't wait to check them out. Thanks, Brad T.

Original 2/9/15: Just wanted to say that I poured in the engine treatment this morning and drove about an hour 60-70 miles. My Chevy Colorado which is usually very shaky because it is a inline 5 cylinder (did not know that at the time I bought the truck but that's another story). Anyhow my truck no longer shakes. When I got home I went inside ate lunch and then went for another drive just to see if it was all in my head, I fired up my truck and low and behold it runs smooth. I only hope that it stays this way. So far so good. Oh yeah today is the 9th of Feb. 2015 at 3:44 EST. Will keep you up to date in the future on how things are going. You have my permission to post this if you wish. Thanks, Brad T.
(copied from home page testimonials) reposted here by Admin.

I've tried them all and Cerma is by far the best product on the market! Better fuel economy, my engine runs smother and quieter than when I had it rebuilt, you can feel the increased power through out the power curve and I fill up less than I deed prior to treating my engine and am now running the incredible EVO oil. If you want the very best for your vehicle then you need to try it out for yourself you will not be disappointed.
Thank you John,

It was a pleasure speaking to you on behalf of your additives.
I was amazed and I'm still smiling and overwhelmed with its results. Sir it’s not every day that actual owner and inventor takes the time to speak to common folks as myself. John you made me a believer and I’m honored and grateful. Once again for your time and wisdom you have a customer for life.
I remain
Geraldo A. Colon a Cerma advocate and believer.
I have used this in a v6 chrysler 5.4 litre ford and 16 hp kohler, 5 hp honda motor and it just plain works. All these motors start easier, run smoother and just seem to be more like new. I believe it is worth what you pay. You can not beat the money back guarantee.
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