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Hi Temp Lithium Grease

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Cerma Grease Hi Temp

Cerma Grease and Lubes are a new generation of lubricants fortified with SiC Technology.  SiC Lubrication is a revolutionary development as it chemically creates a Silicone Carbide, "SiC" coating at a micron level within the sub-surface of all metal parts to which the lubrication is introduced.  Structural and wear applications are seemingly endless. Some of SiC's key properties include: low density, high strength, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, high hardness, high elastic modulus, excellent thermal shock resistance, and superior chemical inertness.  Cerma SiC Lubrication produces a hardened, durable material and does not react with any acids, alkalies or molten salts up to 800°C. In air, SiC forms a protective silicon oxide coating and can be used up to 1600°C. The high thermal conductivity, coupled with low thermal expansion and superior strength, create an exceptional material with thermal shock resistant qualities. SiCs have little or no grain boundary impurities and maintain their strength at very high temperatures.

Cerma STM-3® Grease is not your ordinary grease, Cerma Grease is a new generation of grease fortified with STM-3® technology. As well as being a tacky grease that will not run on the hot surface in excess of 500 deg f., it will not wash away even when using lacquer thinners and the like.

Cerma STM-3 Grease is the best lubrication grease sold anywhere!
• Reduced maintenance, extended lubricating intervals, increased equipment life
• Reduction in operating temperatures - typically 25°F to 100°F
• Extended bearing life - as much as 35% to 70%
• STM-3® reduces corrosion, wear and galling
• Stays in place and lubricates in the most severe conditions (to 750 Deg.)
• Extremely wide variety of applications
• Compatible with other lithium complex greases
• Bearings remain lubricated even after the grease is gone
• Prevents rust and oxidation
• Excellent water/chemical washout resistance
• Superior shock-load protection

All Automotive and Fleet applications, including all Universal and CV joints, Chassis, Wheel Bearing, High-Temp Disc Brake, Steering Gear, Water Pump, Fifth wheel, etc.  All "Off-Road" equipment used in Agriculture, Construction, Logging, and Mining where maximum protection against extreme shock loading and/or severe water washout is required.  All Industrial applications, including conveyor belts, rock crushers, lumber mills, sand and gravel screens, oil field and offshore drilling equipment, marine deck equipment, etc.

Cerma STM-3 Grease is made from very finest ingredients available. We use only quality polymers, the best high-viscosity base oils, advanced anti-wear agents, natural rust inhibitors.  If we used nothing more than these fine ingredients, our grease would be equal or superior to any grease in the world. However, the final manufacturing step sets Cerma STM-3 Grease apart. We finish our blending by adding 10% Cerma STM-3 Metal Conditioner by weight. Cerma STM-3 Metal Conditioner is unique in its ability to form a physical and chemical bond within all metal surfaces.

The result, Cerma STM-3 Grease is unsurpassed in improving mechanical efficiency, reducing downtime, and preventing catastrophic failure.


With Cerma STM-3 Grease, the frequency of re-greasing can be reduced in most applications. Since the Cerma STM-3 Metal Conditioner contained in Cerma STM-3 Grease provides most of the lubrication, the grease itself does less actual work. The great reduction in internal friction, heat and wear means the grease maintains its original chemical and physical properties longer. Since the grease does not degrade as rapidly, it does not need to be replaced as frequently.  Cerma STM-3 Grease lasts longer than other greases, extending routine maintenance intervals.

Cerma STM-3 Grease is extremely versatile. It can be used in an unusually broad range of applications. Cerma STM-3 Grease excels whether it is used in low-load, low-temperature operations such as vehicle U-joints; or the high loads and high temperatures typically found in large industrial gear and bearing systems.

Cerma STM-3 Grease is uniquely effective. Cerma STM-3 Grease provides lubrication in extreme out-of-parameter circumstances that would cause other greases to fail. As the Cerma STM-3 Grease metal conditioner in the base grease migrates into the metal surface, it reacts chemically within the metal and becomes part of the metal. The result is constant molecularly-bonded lubrication throughout the entire greased mechanical component - even if the grease is lost.

Cerma STM-3 Grease improves efficiency, extends equipment life, reduces downtime and helps protect against unscheduled maintenance. Cerma STM-3 Grease will improve your "bottom line" by reducing energy usage, reducing maintenance costs, and reducing capital equipment replacement.

Cerma STM-3 Grease will not allow welding of metals, should you fail to maintain the proper grease schedule, Cerma grease will treat the metal as well as being the best grease available.
• STM-3® Fortified
• Tacky Technology
• Will not wash away
• Lubrication will not Run in hot running environments
• Tested at 150,000 pounds per sq. inch pressure and up to 690 deg f.
• Available in 14oz. tube and bulk quantities

Received from user of Cerma Grease:

"Hi Jim, this is Nelson Allen.

I purchased $190 worth of items from the Newport Boat Show:
oil additive, transmission additive, ceramic grease lube, fuel additive
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I greased up my bike with Cerma lithium grease and couldn't slow down fast enough, wiped out and broke my leg, been in hospital.

Your products work to damn well!

Nelson A

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