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MAX 2-Cycle Multi-Ratio Oil

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CERMAX Advanced 2-Cycle Oil is designed for Multi-Ratio use. No matter the ratio required CERMAX 2-Cycle oil will fit your needs, as well as offer you advanced STM-3 protection.
•  Multi-Ratio Use
•  Low Smoke
•  STM-3 Metal Protection
•  Longer Engine Life
•  More Usable Power
•  Easy Engine Start
•  No Foul Formula
•  For use in Fuel Pre Mix or Injection Systems

Treatment procedure for 2 Cycle:
Introduce dose into the fuel oil mixture tank running or not then use for a minimum of 10 minutes.

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Cerma STM-3 technology lubricates and cleans while continuing to prevent contaminants from agglomerating and depositing on metal surfaces. The SiC (Run Clean) technology works by attracting the carbon and lacquer into masses that are large enough for the system filtration to catch and filter out of the system.  In other words, STM-3 creates a full self-cleaning lubrication system, combining a superior lubrication with the technology to clean for the life of the oil.


Money Back Satisfaction:
not applicable
Return Period:
30 Days (Unopend, Unused)
Oil Type:
2-Cycle Oil
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Gallon UPC:
Pail UPC:
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Oil Viscosity:
I think we performed a pretty significant experiment with your product today. My training officer did not return to the office but I will get more information tomorrow. We took 2 identical roof cutting carbide chain saws and had the same operator on the same roof make cuts one after the other. Both saws were clean and one was treated with your Cerma grease product. My mechanic also attended and I got this information verbally from him, report and probably a video that I requested to follow. One saw treated with the grease and the other without. The temperatures of the chain varied from 185 deg F (treated chain) to 340 Deg F (untreated) and the saw did 6 cuts straight (treated) vs. curving toward the end of the cut for the non-treated. The stuff worked pretty well. This was all verbal and I will try to tighten up the numbers etc tomorrow. Also this was done with my East Haven FD personnel and New Haven Fire personnel together which is how we have been training on some houses that I had a connection on acquiring for them. In addition my training officer and also New Haven’s training officer are both Fire Engineering contributors and we did a national level video with them in the past so you may be able to get some large scale exposure from this. I will tie it up tomorrow and get it all straight from my Training Officer hopefully with a video. Chief Doug -- Douglas Jackson Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 4:48 PM
I have started using Cerma 2 stoke in a switch from amsoil. I can tell that my blower, weed eater, hedge trimmer and chain saw each are running better and better. The more I use them the better they get. I have been impressed.
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