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EVO is the most advanced motor oil on the market today.  Protects like a 40W, runs like a 0W.  EVO is a Multi-Weight Motor Oil that reacts with the Cerma Engine Treatment to provide Maximum Protection to the Engine at a 0Weight Viscosity.  0W means the oil flows freely within the engine to further protect engine and engine parts and increase fuel economy.

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Cerma EVO is the next generation of lubricating oil utilizing SiC (Run Clean) technology to protect against heat, friction, and performance degrading sludge and abrasive carbons.  Cerma will restore power, reduce friction and temperatures, reduce harmonics and vibration, increase horsepower and torque, provide unmatched protection, and keep equipment parts clean.

A lower weight motor oil, as shown by the EPA, can provide increased MPG as well as many other benefits.  Cerma EVO has been formulated to provide protection against wear, deposits and emissions to help you and your business benefit from longer engine life and lower operating cost.  For more information on fuel ecoonmy benefits of lower weight motor oils - CLICK HERE


• Premium Wear Protection

• Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance

• Improved Protection against Sludge and Harmful Deposits

• Superior Fuel Economy Benefits

• Formulated for Maximum Performance

• Protects against Acid Buildup

• Protects against Carbon Buildup

• Premium Wear Control

• Prevents Bore Polish in the Cylinder Liners

• Exceptional Piston Cleanliness and Sludge Control


From a Cerma User:

The new Cerma EVO has been in my VT for 2K now... One thing I can directly attribute to the EVO Oil is the engine's new running temps.  Previously in WOTS (wide open throttle) and driving I would see 209-211F.
- Guess what, I have been doing serious fuel trials, and plenty of back to back WOTS, in hot weather no less. The CVVT hot measure does not go above 203 now. Don't ask me why, but it doesn't.- Normal driving is like a 196-199 mostly. That is the CERMA EVO!!!



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