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CERMAX 20w50 Motorcycle Oil

CERMAX 20W50 Motorcycle Oil is specially designed to Protect Motorcycle Engines

It is formulated with a premium additive package for exceptional wear protection, sludge and varnish resistance, and thermal stability.  CERMAX 20W50 Motorcycle Oil can be used in all 4-stroke motorcycle engines, including racing, high performance, street, and off road motorcycles.


• Reduces Heat, Friction, and Wear

• Gives Excellent Protection for Transmissions and Wet Clutches

• Helps Reduce Foaming and Air-Entrainment in High Speed Engines

• Provides Excellent Protection for Air Cooled Engines

• Multi-Grade Formula for easier Cold Starts while
Maintaining High Temperature Film Strength

• Outstanding Protection Against Thermal and Viscosity Breakdown

• Protects against Piston/Cylinder Scuffing

• Helps owners Optimize Oil-Drain Intervals

• Provides Excellent Wear Control

• Protects against Carbon Buildup

Cerma STM-3 is the next generation of lubricating oil which employs our SiC (Run Clean) technology to protect engine against performance degrading sludge and abrasive carbons.  Cerma will restore power to engine, reduce friction, reduce harmonics and vibration, increase horsepower and torque, provide unmatched protection, and keep engine and engine parts clean.

Run Clean Technology is Engineered for MAXIMUM Performance in ALL Engines:
• Keeps Vehicles on the Road and Running
• Provides Fast Cold Weather Starting
• Provides Extreme Temperature Protection
• Provides Maximum Wear Protection

Cerma STM-3 is the world's first self-cleaning oil, and the only technology that treats the metal to bring and keep the vehicle performing at peak levels. Cerma STM-3 effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear.  As the vehicle is driven, the 100% active ingredient, STM-3, applies a permanent nano Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix seal within the sub-surfaces of the engine, 1 to 6 microns deep.  As Cerma STM-3 penetrates, this matrix is lapped to create a perfect surface on the metal sub-surfaces of the engine. 

Cerma STM-3 technology lubricates and cleans while continuing to prevent contaminants from agglomerating and depositing on metal surfaces. The SiC (Run Clean) technology works by attracting the carbon and lacquer into masses that are large enough for the system filtration to catch and filter out of the system.  In other words, STM-3 creates a full self-cleaning lubrication system, combining a superior lubrication with the technology to clean for the life of the oil.     

Your oil needs to work harder than ever where higher temperatures, higher soot loading and the requirement for lower exhaust emissions are a fact of life. CermaX 20W50 Motorcycle Oil has been formulated to provide Triple Protection against wear, deposits and emissions.

CermaX 20W50 Motorcycle Oil provides maximum all season protection in a wide variety of motorcycles and is recommended for all types of modern motorcycles. CermaX 20W50 Motorcycle Oil is a general purpose engine oil for all types of motorcycles where a 20W50 viscosity is recommended.  CermaX 20W50 Motorcycle Oil exceeds domestic and foreign motorcycle manufacturers engine requirements, where API SL/CF or JASO MA, MA2 oils are specified.  Check manufacturers recommendations for proper grade.


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