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Testimonials from Larson's Shipyard - first hand experience of Cerma STM-3 use from Owner, Technician and Mechanic.

Testimonials from Dallas Superior Air Service documented between a 10% and 0% savings in amperage draw.

Testimonials from Alliant Energy after use of Cerma STM-3 in gear box of generator with high temperature issues.

Testimonials from Carl Clark who purchased Cerma STM-3 at the Newport Beach Show and treated his Californian Twin Cat 3208 Engines and a Northern Lights...

Testimonials from Ensign Emblem using Cerma STM-3 in equipment, lowering lubrication intervals, and saving huge amounts of production time.

Testimonials from client using a 500 Cummins Diesel with over 1,500,00 kms on engine.

Testimonials from owner on two trucks in his fleet, the two "yard dogs".

Testimonials from owner on a Kentworth with N-14 Cummins Diesel and 995,000 miles.

Testimonial on Twin Diesel Volvo Penta TAMD71b and Kohler Genset in 57' Navigator after using Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment.

Testimonial from St. Ansgar School utilizing Cerma in 13 school buses and 5 vans, with mileage increase, emissions reduction and oil savings.

Testimonial from owner of a Volvo Truck with Series 60 Detroit Disel Engine after using Cerma STM-3 at 2,000,000 Kms mark.

Cerma STM-3 Products are used in many areas of commercial applications. In a gen set on an oil rig, it took about 10 minutes of running until everyone...