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Testimonial from owner of a Volvo Truck with Series 60 Detroit Disel Engine after using Cerma STM-3 at 2,000,000 Kms mark.

Testimonials from Carl Clark who purchased Cerma STM-3 at the Newport Beach Show and treated his Californian Twin Cat 3208 Engines and a Northern Lights...

Testimonials from Ensign Emblem using Cerma STM-3 in equipment, lowering lubrication intervals, and saving huge amounts of production time.

Testimonials from Larson's Shipyard - first hand experience of Cerma STM-3 use from Owner, Technician and Mechanic.

Testimonials from owner on a Kentworth with N-14 Cummins Diesel and 995,000 miles.

Testimonial from St. Ansgar School utilizing Cerma in 13 school buses and 5 vans, with mileage increase, emissions reduction and oil savings.

Testimonials from Dallas Superior Air Service documented between a 10% and 0% savings in amperage draw.

Cerma STM-3 Products are used in many areas of commercial applications. In a gen set on an oil rig, it took about 10 minutes of running until everyone...

Testimonials from owner on two trucks in his fleet, the two "yard dogs".

Testimonials from Alliant Energy after use of Cerma STM-3 in gear box of generator with high temperature issues.

Testimonial on Twin Diesel Volvo Penta TAMD71b and Kohler Genset in 57' Navigator after using Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment.

Testimonials from client using a 500 Cummins Diesel with over 1,500,00 kms on engine.