Jeep Wrangler
Cerma makes everything run smoother. I was skeptical of Cerma at first, but decided to try it. For example, my wife owns a 2000 Jeep Wrangler. When we first bought the Jeep we were averaging about 16 to 17 miles per gallon. I put Cerma in the engine, transmission, transfer case, and rear differentials and after we are averaging 21 to 22 miles per gallon. My wife and I have also noticed an increase in power and the smoothness of shifting gears and the ride.

I also own a 2005 Honda VTX 1300 and decided to try it with the motorcycle to see if there was a change. I added Cerma to the engine and transmission and noticed an increase in power, have smoother shifting, and don’t have to choke it to start it like I had to before. I was sold.

I have since used Cerma in just about everything I own, from my kids’ go-karts to all of our vehicles and have gained fuel economy and power in all of our vehicles. From here on out, I won’t drive anything without adding Cerma to increase our gas mileage and power.

Rich Wilson, Osage Iowa (08/18/2010 via e-mail)
Pontiac Formula
I bought a bottle of Cerma on the recommendation of a friend at work. My 2001 Pontiac Formula had a lifter tick that I was hoping to get rid of. After putting in the Cermax and letting the engine run for 5 minutes, the tick was GONE! He later asked me if my car had more power, but with the LS1 (300HP) engine I couldn't feel any difference. But at 70mph my engine RPMs went down from a little over 1500 to 1250, so I can say that my engine is making the same power without working as hard. Getting rid of the lifter tick was worth the price alone! Thank you, Cerma!

Richie, Iowa (Aug 12, 2010)
Chevy Tahoe
I came across the Cerma product when we were looking for metal protection from our hydrogen units in gas burning engines. I first tried the Cerma in my 97' Chevy Tahoe, which had over 185,000 miles prior to using it. After about 10-15 minutes on the freeway I noticed the temperature was running a little cooler then normal and when I stepped on the gas, the knocking/pinging sound was gone and the pick up was almost like it was years before when I first drove it. After another trip or two on the freeway I noticed the truck was running smoother and the smooth and quite pick up was the most notable advantage. On another trip through the desert on a hot day, as we were starting up through some mountains, we had the air conditioning on. Normally we would have to turn off the air as the truck would get too hot, but on this trip with the Cerma installed, the air stayed on the whole time and we were able to keep up with the newer vehicles with great pick up like the Tahoe used to be when new. I would also like to add the Cerma has worked great with our hydrogen technologies. we have put it in our Ninja 1100 motorcycle, our Chevy Astro van, and every other thing where metal is on metal for protection. We are so pleased with the product that we became Master Distributors. Help us reduce emission and save money.

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Kia Optima
Good afternoon,
I wanted to report your product results for my 2009 Kia Optima with 35k miles. I added a bottle to the automatic transmission and have experienced a much smoother shifting pattern. Otherwise not much to report.

I added one bottle to the engine oil and have noticed a significant decrease in engine operating noise. So much that at idle I often feel as though the engine stalled out due to lack of any noise or vibration. This is a tremendous improvement over the engine operation prior to the addition of your product. The largest single benefit seems to be an MPG improvement from 27mpg to 30 mpg which constitutes a 10% improvement.

These benefits took about 1,000 miles to really become apparent. I look forward to adding a bottle to my wife's 2003 Ford Expedition with 120k miles and I will report any changes for your records. Sincerely, --Kevin (08/05/2010, 11:59 AM)
Chevy Camarom RS
I put it in the engine oil and transmission. Transmission stopped slipping on very first drive home from work. I could not believe it!
BMW 318i
Hi everyone!

This post is a "give back" I hope to help a few with this one, as so many helped me with replies on my first post. I learned much. At that time I was asking about re-powering or rebuilding the b43 Onan in my well maintained '83 BMW 318i. The reason was that it smoked FIERCELY, and overall sounded "loose." Despite those problems, it did still run with authority. Now I have resolved both those problems BEAUTIFULLY, almost without turning a bolt. My Onan hums smoother than any I have EVER heard.

OK, before I go any further, this is not a "spam" post. I bought the stuff I'll tell you about just like anybody else. I was reading on another forum about ceramic coating the insides of an engine, even old worn engines, how sweet they run after, and on and on. With that in mind, I went looking for the stuff they were talking about, an additive called cerma. Not being a big fan of additives, I paused and debated if I really wanted to spend $40 plus shipping on 2oz. of wonder goo. I also remembered a certain disappointing failure with Slick 50 or something like it in an Oldsmobile "a few years" back. Now, of course I suspect I am much like many of you. I wanted to hope against hope for easy & wonderful results. Besides, I knew I'd be tearing down the motor or replacing it anyway.

Guess what? I got BETTER than expected results! It worked. After 2-3 hours of running with this stuff, My Onan burns virtually NO OIL now. BUT, for the acid test, I did a compression test when it rained last week. I was originally pushing about 96# on the left and 100# on the right. Now I am pushing 125# on the left and 122# on the right. OK, sounds pretty good, but I wasn't off the hook yet. It still smoked really badly, even though it wasn't using oil anymore. After going through the most ridiculous long tear down known in mechanical history -- just to loosen the 2 carb bolts, I rebuilt the carburetor. Super simple carb to rebuild, stupid long to get off. I'm not even sure I really needed the rebuild, since the idle speed screw was open 7-1/2 turns when it only should be 1-1/4. Either way, I didn't want to have to pull that carb again so I rebuilt it anyway. That carb rebuild, 2 spark plugs, 1 set of points, and the cerma = the quietest, smoothest running Onan I've ever heard. Of course I expect to hear boo and hiss about cheating or using an additive, but it really has worked as advertised. Now if I can only fix my lights so they work, I've got a whole new 318. I will also be adding it to my hydro. hydro whine is a thing of the past with this stuff. Scary to add anything but Type F ATF, but judging from what it did for my old Onan, I'm going for it.

The trans was shifting so poorly I was driving in 3rd all the time. The dealer wanted $4000 for a trans rebuild. An INDEPENDENT shop put in their treatment with no luck! After 10 mins of putting in Cerma the car drove like new, maybe better!! The engine runs so smooth I tried to start it while it was running –oops! I’m a customer for life – THANK YOU!!!

Mike Wentz Moline, IL (via email Aug 7, 2009)
Mitsubishi Challenger
Hullo John,
I bought 1 bottle of Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment and 1 bottle of Cerma STM-3 Automatic Transmission Treatment from you in May 2008. I treated my Mitsubishi Challenger(see attachment) 4x4 engine which is a 3Ltr V6 in the engine and the transmission. I followed your recommended instructions for the run in, drained the oil out of the engine and refilled with new filter, and had the automatic transmission fluid completely replaced. This vehicle had done 260,000 kilometers and still had the original engine and transmission. It is now at 289K and had 3 further oil and filter changes, and I can tell you that the result has been nothing short of astounding. The engine was starting to smoke before I put the Cerma it in, This has disappeared completely. These engines are well known for lifter chatter. It has none of that. It is so quite, and vibration is so minimal, that my friends marvel at it when I tell them how many kilometers it has done. It has increased in power and responsiveness so much, that I have a hard time keeping my foot of the gas. I love it. This engine, sounds and performs as if it is brand new.

J Wulf (Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 6:23 PM via email)
Ford Escape
We drive a 2005 Ford Escape that we leased new. The sticker for mileage said 19 city 22 hwy and we got an average of 20.5. We tried the cerma with stm3 over 2 years ago and have treated the engine oil 2 oz of STM-3™ metal treatment in the transmission 2 oz, STM-3™ in the differential 6 oz and the power steering 1 cap. We also have been using the STM-3™ MD at oil changes and have treated the gas with 1 oz approximately twice per year. Last summer in July we got 30 mpg and in November before the winter blend fuel we got 31. We have now tried the new STM-3™ Nano 1 oz in the oil, ½ oz in the transmission and 1 oz in the differential. We drove to Mason City checking our mileage and got 27 mpg on winter fuel. (last year on winter fuel we averaged 24 MPG) we then treated the fuel with STM-3™ Nano ½ oz, and drove the same road and miles home, checked it and with winter blend fuel we got 30.2 mpg. We can’t wait to see what it will be with summer fuel.

Follow up report:
We have used your products for over 2 years and can not believe the difference that it has made in our 2005 Ford Escape. We have gone from 20.5 mpg original mileage before treating with cerma and Nano to 32.15 mph on a return trip just last week (April 2008) The Escape runs so quiet that all we hear now is the tires on the road. No engine sounds. It shifts better runs smoother and overall performs better. Mike and Dea Shoars
Bagger Motorcycle
December 2007 - I treated my 2002 Harley Davidson Custom Bagger motorcycle on the trip to Arkansas. The main thing that I noticed is the fuel mileage increase of at least 6 mpg. I was very happy as I was driving hard at speeds of at least 75-80 mph all day long on a 1700 mile round trip. I have now treated my suburban and my Harley, and am going to treat my inboard motor before taking it to Canada on a fishing trip. I was a skeptic but I am a believer now.

November 2007 - I have treated my suburban with over 133,000 miles and can report that my mileage has increased from around 15 mph to 18.1 the last time that I checked it. I am pleased with the results that I have seen after adding the Cerma Engine Treatment.
Diesel Semi-Truck
Just a quick note to tell you what Cerma has done for my trucks.

We put Cerma in the whole system of one truck with 798,000 miles, (engine {470 Detroit}, transmission, and both rear axles). Within 50 miles 95% vibrations were gone, stack smoke was all but gone, and pulling first load with 68,000 lb payload, said truck walked off from a truck carrying same load that usually out performs treated truck. Also sealed oil leak on compressor head.

Second truck treated, has 1,500,000 plus miles, was basically parked in grass retired. Compression was low enough that either had to be used to start. Front bumper had 1.5 inch vibration both ways before treatment, and mirrors would have to be held to see clearly backing up. After treatment, truck will start without either, hence more compression, less than 1/16th inch bumper vibration both ways, and mirrors do not vibrate. Minimum stack smoke.

This Cerma product is awesome stuff!

Everett Schaffer
Co Owner E & C Transport, Inc / Terminal 74 for Ace Transportation Houma, Louisiana
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