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VelosterWelcome Veloster Owners!

Here you will find specific instructions for those wishing to follow the correct protocol for adding Cerma to their Velostor engine.  You can also find instructions on the Veloster Forum (205 pages and counting, all the information you need and then some!). Link to the Veloster Forum is at the bottom of this page.

Items to purchase from CermaStore.com:
a)  2 oz Engine Treatment
b)  2 oz Turbo Nano
c)  Cerma Motor Oil

The Cerma Protocol:

1.  If your engine has less than 30,000 miles, add only 1oz of the Engine Treatment to the engine oil.  If 30,000 plus miles then add 2oz. To add to the engine oil, best method is to add when engine is hot and while it is running at idle.  If blow back is present, shut off engine, add treatment to oil and start engine immediately.  After adding, do not shut off vehicle.  Idle at 2000 rpms for 2 to 3 minutes and then drive car for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. It is preferred to drive in city stop and go traffic for the first 10 minutes, then freeway or high speed driving for 10 minutes.  This is required as Cerma needs to have all rpm ranges driven to provide proper distribution.

2.  Put a minimum of 1000 miles after adding engine treatment before next step.

3.  Add 1oz of Turbo Nano to hot engine oil.  Drive as normal.

4.  Put a minimum of 1000 miles after adding Turbo Nano treatment before next step.

5.  Change oil using Cerma brand Motor Oil or oil of your choice.  If you are not using Cerma brnad Motor Oil at time of change, then you can add the remaining Nano treatment to the new motor oil.  If using Cerma (DO NOT ADD THE REMAINING NANO TREATMENT TO NEW Cerma or CERMAX Motor Oil)

Your part of the process is now complete.  Over the next 90 days of driving, the Cerma process will complete its process on its own.

Note: MORE is NOT better.  The under 30,000 mile veloster engine protocol is based on over 12 years of working with different engines.   Follow instructions to the letter for best results!  If you have specific needs, or want to clarify your application please contact Cerma Tech Support, John Murray at 310-617-5757 , always happy to assist in your use of Cerma products.

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Link to the Veloster Forum - CLICK HERE

Link to the Cerma Instructions on the Veloster forum - CLICK HERE


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