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Break out the old chainsaw, add Cerma 2-Cycle oil to the gas, and away we go.

Cerma 2-Cycle Oil outperforms standard 2-Cycle Oil

Energy Reduction and Increased Cooling with Cerma Blue Ice on A/C unit

How Cerma Blue Ice reacts inside A/C and Refrigeration tubing

Installation of Cerma Blue Ice into an automobile

Borescope view of engine after treatment -- Cerma cleans and removes all deposits, sludge and varish withing engine.

Adding Cerma products to this truck gave it the power to burn!

Cerma Engine Treatment and Cerma Fuel Treatment added to Fedex Delivery Truck.  FedEx driver reports truck running smoother with increased power, as...

Private label brand (Autocerm with STM3) explaining the technology and providing testimonials.

Cerma Lubrication Test with Chain Saw, dramatic improvement in power and reduction in heat.

The Benefits of Cerma STM-3 technology for engine, engine life, emmissions and performance

Ford 6.0 Turbo Charged Engine wind down with Cerma Turbo Treatment