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Cerma lubrication is an advanced metal treatment that works great to reduce heat and friction in engines , drive trains and A/C compressors. The engines, drive trains, A/C compressors we have installed it in run much quieter, smoother and cooler! We would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their vehicles performance and increase vehicle longevity. --Ken Faurot Owner: Ken's Automotive Services
1998 Dodge Diesel Pickup
I treated my 1998 Dodge Diesel Pickup with 6 oz Cerma Engine| Treatment and the engine smoothed up and has much more power. I am very satisfied with this. I also put 2 oz in the transmission. The transmission was shifting rough and had a slight leak. After adding the Cerma STM-3 Transmission it shifted much smoother and also has stopped leaking. I would recommend it to people to try. – Charles Penner via admin move 02/29/2012, 05:13 PM
1987 BMW M6
Hi John, I want you to know that the Cerma Transmission Treatment fixed my 25 year old BMW M6 manual tranny, which did not want to go into first gear much before. This appears to be a known issue with those Getrag gearboxes. The Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment made this same vehicle run smoothly, like never before, and cleaned up the exhaust beyond belief. I also used the Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment in a 1989 Chrysler Dynasty with an oil burning problem, namely valve guides worn. That problem seems to have evaporated now too, and it is running very smoothly and it's exhaust is also noticably cleaner. Regards, Glenn - via admin move 02/29/2012, 05:12 PM
My name is ECS, i was introduced to your product by a friend. I spoke with John your technical analyst and asked him if this would be a good product for my car he said that indeed it would. I ordered one bottle of the Cerma Engine Treatment and used it in my car for approximately 500 miles before i needed a smog check . When i went to get the smog check the attendant indicated my car might not pass the test because California had changed their smog levels as of January 1, 2011 and some older cars could not pass.
So i left the car with him to check it upon my return he said the pass with flying colors and added that it was running better than when it was brand new. You can compare the results of the tests below. This product is everything it says and some.
Thanks, ECS (Ernest Strong via email Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 2:28 PM)
1991 Ford Tempo
I am a journeyman machinist/machinery mechanic automotive enthusiasts with 40 years of formal and trade experience.presently I am rebuilding/upgrading a 1991 ford tempo and writing a book.during upgrade research i found about Cerma.as it is a coating, i was EXTREMELY concerned about the possibility of oil flow problems that other DIFFERENT product companies historically had.I spent 24 hours reading every word on this website AND contacted TWO people that provided testimonials. They both confirmed use and excellent results.I then grilled the inventor John Murray for hours with every conceivable problem. John patiently educated ME in this REVOLUTIONARY new technology, and addressed the inherent inadequacies of ALL known lubrication currently in use.

Finally I tested cerma in the transmission. I was informed that it would make it quieter in 20-30 seconds. Previously i had flushed ,new filter and installed the best special upgraded heavy duty fluid !
available.the transmission seemed to be very quiet ;however when i slowly installed the cerma something changed in 20 seconds.I finally realized that the Cerma had removed a LOT of low level noise approaching a Quiet i call DEAD QUIET that i have never experienced with ANY other product that i have used! I have tested and used basically everything out there. I was shocked,stunned and dumbfounded.

Since then, I have put Cerma in the entire car; engine, transmission, power steering, fuel system, power steering. Overall the entire car has "loosened up",has less vibration and generally seems to have eliminated parasitic "drag"that now is being utilized to more quickly propel the car.Engine:running cooler,more power,smoother quieter,Transmission:running cooler,silky smooth but has more solid clutch engagement,dead quiet and progressively getting even more quiet approaching "turbine like smoothness" at higher speeds,Power Steering:was flushed and maximum tricked out lubricant.Installed cerma:smoothness!

increased to the point i felt i could feel right down to suspension parts.(All new)Fuel system:Application definitely improves engine treatment;more power,smoother.make sure you follow directions precisely for optimum safe results.Changing filters (particularly in engines)adequately is necessary.I changed my first oil filter at 300 miles to remove the cleaned out debris that cerma removes when coating engine even with a flushed "clean" engine.I could tell by the weight of the old filter that it DEFINITELY was the right thing to do!About 4000 miles on original oil/cerma and am on 4 oil filter and i will probably change filter at 7000 miles and go to 10000 total on initial mix.( I do utalize 2 hd magnets on my oil filters etc to maximize wear particle elimination ). Because of applying needed seal conditioner and replacing oil/cerma mix i have proportionately added cerma to recommended amount and beyond with absolutely no problems at all;only positive results.I tend to be a perfectionists with machinery and was aware of the basic "missing links" in lubrication and Cerma is that and much ,much more.A friend of mine gave me used kenmore window fan that the blade hardly moved because it needed cleaning (basically) after aprox. 30 years of use.I cleaned the electric motor and used the best lubricants available and then used cerma with increased smoothness and longest time of spinning blade after shut off.just tested 50 second free spin!don't have to oil as often because of Cerma.great to use on door hinges for a really quiet job that really LASTS! Cerma is a revolutionary great product economically providing results not previously attainable and is a necessary cost effective addition to lubrication inherent inadequacies. bill wme automotive research – Bill (09/15/2011, 04:06 PM)
2006 Chevy Equinox
Hello John,

My Cerma Story #1) Treated a Chevy a week ago. Someone very close to me, I cannot disclose who, got out of the car today and removed some items from the back seat, pressed the all door lock button on the passenger side and went into a client’s office for an hour. When they came out, they couldn’t find their keys and thought, Oh no! I’ve locked the keys in the car and I have to call the Auto Club again and get them to open the car. Sure enough, they got to the car and looked in the passenger side and there the keys were still in the ignition. They tried three of the doors and they were locked, was about to call the auto club and thought, “I’ll try all the doors just in case”, then tried the driver’s door. Found it unlocked. They thought it strange that the drivers’ door wouldn’t have locked along with the others so got into the car and sat in the driver’s seat to remove the keys from the ignition. To their surprise, they found that the engine was still running and they did not know it until they went to remove the keys from the steering column. The driver’s door had not locked because the ignition was still on and the car was running all that time. They did not notice this before they got out of the car, when locking the car, and even when sitting in the car, the engine could not be heard or felt by them.

Ian Roe (via e-mail. June 9, 2011)
Lexus IS
I applied the product to my Lexus, and I could tell and real difference in power. If I can get my right foot to cooperate, I bet I’ll see fuel savings. I just wanted to let you know. REALLY COOL! --Dennis B
received via e-mail at cermaceo@gmail.com (Nov. 12 2010)
Pick-up Truck
I recently stopped in at my local gas station to fill up like I do twice a week when I met the attendant (Ken Briscoe). We got to talking passing time while I was filling up when Ken asked me if I had ever heard of a product called cerma. I told him that I hadn’t so Ken gave me his card with his number and the web address . Ken told me a little about the product. Being the skeptic that I am I put his card in my pocket and didn’t think much else about it until I got home that evening and emptied my pockets and found his card. I thought what the heck so I got on the net and went to the web site and after reading all the testimonials and reviewing the information my curiosity was peaked. I thought to myself, if this stuff really does what it claims to do then it’ll be worth its weight in gold. I called Ken the following day and asked him to order me two bottles of cerma engine treatment. In a few days Ken called and said that it was in so I stopped by as usual for my fill up at the station and met up with Ken. I was chomping at the bit to give the stuff a try so Ken said since the engines warm lets go ahead and put it in. To be honest I was not prepared for what happened next. I had been having some issues with strong exhaust smell from my tail pipes and with my truck having over 105,000+ miles on the engine it was due for a tune up. The engine was running a little rough and not as smooth as it used to also I had a little knock from what I thought was maybe a lifter on cold start ups. I had taken it to the dealership for them to fix while the truck was under warranty, but they said they couldn’t duplicate the noise. Yea right! So back to the story, no sooner had Ken added the cerma to the engine oil and put the cap back on then we walked to the rear of the truck and all that appeared to be coming out of my tail pipe was clean warm moist air. I walked back to the cab of the truck and got in Ken asked “do you notice anything different”? The engine had become whisper quiet, you couldn’t even hear it running if I didn’t have pipes on the truck Oh yea it even changed to tone of the exhaust. It now had a soother, deeper, richer, and sound. It was almost like having a sports car than a ½ ton truck. I finally got out on the highway and after driving about 10 min. I noticed a difference in the power. I barely had to push the pedal to get the truck to speed up. If I had tried this before the truck would have down shifted to passing gear, but now it just steadily sped up. Now it felt like I was even driving a sports car. By the time I got home the exhaust smell gone, and the annoying startup tick from the engine GONE!

I was so blown away and excited I had to call the folks at cerma to tell them that it’s nice to finally buy a product that does what it says it will do, and do it without fail. I’m so excited about the product that I’m telling everyone I know and meet about it, especially people that have a few miles on their cars. I plan to run cermax in everything I own and can’t say enough good things about it. Thanks again for making a product that performs as advertised.

Sincerely, C. Green Texas
Toyota RAV-4
Well I have been using Cerma in my 2002 Toyota RAV-4 with 130,000kms.
And what a difference, my gas mileage has improved 15-20% avg, the engine has more power, and seems smoother. I am really surprised that such a little bottle of fluid actually made a big impact. I'm sold for life ..:)

Really quite pleased, so far I have about 400kms in usage, I plan to take it out around 900kms. The gas savings alone was such a big help, thanks guys for making something that actually made a difference in the way my car drives.
Cheers, Nick
Toro Push Mower
GREAT product I use CERMA in EVERYTHING from my TORO push mower to both my Chevrolet vehicles with GREATLY improved gas mileage & lawn mower that runs like a "swiss watch" As long as CERMA is around I will be a Loyal customer, Thanks!

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