Catalyst versus Additive

Cerma STM-3 is an Engine Catalyst

Cerma STM-3 is a catalyst that removes the acid and the carbon and treats the metal inside the engine.  The catalytic nature of Cerma STM-3 makes it a permanent solution for the life of the engine.  Additives, on the other hand, may temporarily provide marginal benefits, but are just that – temporary solutions.

Cerma STM-3 is vastly different from oil additives:

•  Cerma STM-3 is not an additive – it’s a catalyst, and therefore does not alter the state of the motor oil circulating inside the engine.

•   Cerma STM-3 does not mix with the oil, it uses the oil as a carrier to move it around the entire engine.

•  It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, does not have ingredients that damage the ozone layer, is safe to handle and dispose, and is compatible with modern synthetic oils.

•  Cerma STM-3 does not contain any form of a chlorine or chlorinated compound, sulfur or sulfated compound, and does not break down into chlorine or sulfur acids over time.

•  Cerma STM-3 does not contain any solids such as graphite, PTFE (Teflon), or molybdenum disulfide.

•  Cerma STM-3 does not void the warranty on the equipment.

Cerma Treatments or Cerma Oils

All Cerma products come in both Treatment and Fluid Form

Cerma Treatments and Cerma Oil/Fluids work INDEPENDENTLY of each other, and can be used separately in ALL cases.  But for continued maximum performance and to achieve full benefits of Cerma's self-cleaning properties, treatments and oils work best when used together.

Why?  Cerma Treatments do the initial cleaning work and treat the metal using Cerma's SiC technology.  After treatment, switching to Cerma oils/fluids, continues the SiC self-cleaning properties within the system.

Cerma Treatments act quickly to restore, clean, lubricate and protect by using the present oil/fluid as a carrier.  All treatments are designed to release into the system over time (see specific instructions for drive times on each treatment).  During this timed release, Cerma Treatments will restore, clean, lubricate and protect by treating all the metal parts within the system.

All Cerma Treatments are “One Time” treatments, meaning if you start to restore your vehicle’s performance utilizing a Cerma Treatment, and you keep your vehicle in peak operating performance, you will unlikely need to re-treat any system.  In some cases, i.e. extreme driving conditions and/or mileage exceeding 100,000 miles, you may benefit from a maintenance dose, please call Cerma support for your specific case.

In ALL cases, you will benefit from switching to Cerma Oils/Fluids.  The BEST way to MAINTAIN peak operating performance after treating your vehicle with a Cerma Treatment:

Cerma Engine Treatment  THEN  Cerma Motor Oil
Cerma Automatic Transmission Treatment  THEN  Cerma Transmission Fluid
Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment  THEN  Cerma Gear Oil
Cerma Power Steering Treatment  THEN  Cerma Power Steering Fluid
Cerma Hydraulic Treatment  THEN  Cerma Hydraulic Oil

Always feel free to contact Cerma at any time for any specific case or need.

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