Cerma STM-3

The Worlds Only Self-Cleaning Engine System

Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments and Motor Oils are the ONLY environmentally friendly, smog reducing lubricants in the world.  Cerma works as stated, not 50-70% of the time, but 100% of the time.  Cerma starts working within minutes of being added, you will hear it, feel it, and see it - or your money back!


1. Applications for Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments, Motor Oils and Greases

  • Extreme Temperatures - Both Hot and Cold
  • High Loads, Extreme Pressure
  • High Sliding Speed and Pressure
  • Intermediate Lack of Lubrication
  • High Harmonic Vibration Generation
  • Metal to Metal Contact
  • High Abrasion Areas
  • Extreme Fluid Turbulence Areas

2. Industries for Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments, Motor Oils and Greases

  • Automotive and Heavy Duty Truck Motors -- standard and automatic transmissions, differentials, hubs, wheel bearings, and power steering (for both gasoline and diesel engines)
  • Aircraft -- engines and pulley systems
  • Industrial -- mining equipment needing certified lubrication products (contact for details), power generatoration, manufacturing, and construction.
  • Motorcycles -- shocks, wheel bearings, 2 cycle engines, chain rails, high performance, standard, and off road
  • Railroads -- diesel engine oil, transmissions, gear boxes, wheel bearings
  • Commercial Marine -- diesel engines, transmissions, gear boxes, wrenches, and all friction, harmonic generating applications
  • Rifle, Handgun, and Weapons -- stops carbon & lead build up, increases muzzle velocity
  • Printing presses, sewing machines, any moving equipment -- reduces the need for continued oiling
  • Tools -- drills, taps, saws, milling tools, and all metal-to-metal cutting tools (reduces galling, buildup of cuttings)
  • HVAC -- Automobile, home and commercial units
  • Machining coolants

3. Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments Contain

  • Non petroleum based, non-flammable (contains no solvents), non-corrosive, non-toxic, and biodegradable
  • No paraffin's - therefore, it can be used as an additive in fuels
  • No cladding materials that can be harmful, such as Teflon®, metal, zinc, or paraffin wax
  • No EPA targeted carbon chains
  • No products that will build up or oxidize
  • No Elements that would void warranties
  • No solids - is not harmful to parts, other lubricants or the environment
  • No PTFE based compounds, graphite, chlorinated hydrocarbons, black and non-ferrous metals
  • Not a soluble in known petrol lubricants or fluids, having no chemical affinity with mineral and synthetic petroleum
  • Not disrupting to the pH-balance of lubrication oil additive packages, it is chemically inert

4. Will the use of Cerma STM-3 Treatments affect warranties?

No.  Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments do not affect warranties because they do not affect the pH, nor do they blend with any lubrication fluid into which it is introduced.  Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments do NOT treat the oil or the fluid into which it is introduced.  Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments treat the metal only by using the lubricant as a carrier.  In addition, Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments do not affect, in a positive or negative way, any type of seal material.

5. What does Cerma STM-3 technology do for vehicles and equipment?

All Cerma STM-3 Products significantly reduce friction and harmonics, thereby providing:

  • More power to motorized equipment (increased rpm or same rpm at improved energy output efficiency)
  • Cooler operation in all engines, transmissions, gear boxes, sliding devices, and bearing assemblies
  • Longer equipment life (documented equipment repair reduction)
  • Significantly longer lubrication service cycles
  • Protection against carbon & lacquer buildup allowing for improved piston sealing

6. How long do Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments and Cerma Motor Oils take to work?

Both Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments and Cerma Motor Oils, when introduced to the lubrication stream, will start to work within minutes, Reducing harmonic vibrations, then reducing heat. Although you will see & feel immediate results, both treatments and oils will take up to 3 months before they have completed their process. In some cases the treatments and motor oils will provide fuel savings within an engine, This process can take 5 minutes or up to 90 days to become fully cured, depending on the amount of lacquers your engine has built up over the years of use. (Cerma products do not use solvents, they rely on particle size to penetrate the lacquer build up, releasing the carbon and laquar buildup into the oil stream to be filtered out).

7. Questions, speak directly to a knowleagle sales associate or technician.

Questions about any Cerma product.  just give us a call or send an email. 

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