WV Passat 2001
Great product, Works as advertised! Used on 4 cylinder WV Passat 2001 (Diesel) and 2011 Kia Forte (Gasoline). After treating the engines with this product and driving 30 miles the cars became quieter. In addition, the engine's operating temperature decreased and after couple of months I noticed 3-5% decrease in the gas consumption. If all this really hold true in the future this product will pay itself in the next 5000 miles. For best results, make sure you follow the setup instruction. -- Gi R. via Amazon (Verified Purchase)
I am writing you today to let you know how pleased I am with your product (Cerma). I have seen many products make many claims and usually there is a lot more fluff than there is results. I am the director of sales for a 500 Million dollar a year company in Minneapolis Minnesota, so I have had many people in my office making quite grandiose claims about “great” new products with little to back it up and results that are less than stellar. Being a fairly skeptical person, it took some persuading for me to give Cerma a try as the benefit claims seemed “too good to be true”. Knowing that my older vehicle (1995 Isuzu Rodeo with about 130,000 miles on it) was only getting about 14MPG, I decided to try Cerma in the late summer of 2006 in the crank case of the Rodeo. Right away (with in a minute or two) I noticed the engine seemed to run smoother and it had quicker acceleration, but “would it last?” I thought to myself. The answer was a resounding “YES”. The mileage went up to an average of 16.2MPG (nearly 16% better mileage), and that continued tank after tank. I also did use the recommended “Maintenance Dose” after each oil change and Cerma has far exceeded my expectations; but it gets better.

When I heard about an event being hosted at Cerma Technology’s bottling facility in Northern Iowa this past spring, I decided to go down and see what else they had to offer and what might be coming, and also out of curiosity to see the planned demonstrations and see the actual tests for myself. I drove the 1995 Rodeo down to Iowa to the demonstration. I was able to speak with Everett and Dea from Cerma Industries and the products inventor John Murray while I was there and let them know what I ad seen for my self. Nick had been the person who initially got me to try Cerma so I shared my thoughts on the product with him. During our conversation I mentioned to Nick that my mileage had improved, my car ran better and the tick in my engine was basically gone.

The demonstrations put on that day were absolutely amazing to say the least. I was particularly impressed to see a chainsaw running on plain gas treated only with 1-1/4 oz. of Cerma. They were quite open with the demonstrations and actually let me put my finger into the bone dry gas tank to make sure there was no oil in the tank and they mixed the gas and Cerma right in front of me in a clear container. Needless to say when they fired it up, ran it full throttle and cut wood for 5~10 minutes without the saw seizing up or any ill effect, I was impressed. Additionally I saw no smoke coming from the saw’s exhaust verifying to me that there as no oil in the gas. I saw a few other demonstrations that were equally as impressive (seeing the Tractor on the dynamometer right in front of me gaining horse power was amazing).

I signed up for the drawings to win some Cerma for my other vehicles, but did not win. As I was getting ready to head back to Minneapolis that day, I had decided to treat my transmission to see if that would help my mileage and to treat my other vehicles. Nick personally came over to thank me for coming to the demonstration that day and that is when I mentioned my results to him and also, in that conversation, that I had not treated my transmission yet. In addition I mentioned the tick in my engine I get every once in a while. Nick asked me to wait a moment and went and got a 2 oz. Transmission treatment and a 2 oz. gas treatment and treated my transmission and put a 2oz. gas treatment right in my fuel tank. He said that the Isuzu’s can often times develop sticky valves in the upper end as they age and the Cermax in the gas tank would allow the upper end to be treated. The engine tick is gone.

I have been watching my mileage since the transmission treatment and comparing it to previous results. I am know getting 17.7MPG consistently and, on a recent trip to the cabin in Wisconsin, I went 323.95 miles on 16.116 Gallons of regular 87 octane fuel, that is an amazing 20.1MPG!!! I went from about 14MPG before Cerma to 20.1MPG on my trip and 17.7MPG consistently around town; that is net gain of 43.5% and 26.5% (respectively) in better fuel economy than I had been receiving. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the savings on maintenance or the tremendous environmental benefits of much cleaner emissions. With gas at nearly $3.00 per gallon, I can use the over $100.00 per month in savings between our now all treated 3 vehicles. The best thing is it is only about $60.00 to treat each car; after that it is only $10.00 for the maintenance dose at each oil change. That is a great deal for how much you save if you ask me.

Like I said in the beginning of this letter, a lot of products make great claims but Cerma backs it up with actual results. That rodeo now has over 142,000 miles on it, so Cerma works for the long haul, as advertised. Since then I have treated my other vehicles as well with similar great success. I am so impressed with your product that I plan to see what business opportunities are available with your company.

You have earned a customer for life.
Jay Erickson - Prior Lake Minnesota
Just prior to winter in 2012, I used 1/3 an ounce of Cerma engine treatment in my 1999 Craftsman snow blower. In the past it was necessary to have the choke on and to let it run a bit before using, especially in really cold weather. Even at that, it sometimes took a couple attempts before it continued running enough to turn the choke off.

After treating it, I went out in minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit and just pulled on it and it started right away, without putting the choke on. Big difference! That is because the compression is higher now and with Cerma in the metal, the pistons move more freely. Easy moving pistons, and more compression, mean cold starts become easier. This is the same for any size engine and is especially relevant to our winter climate in Canada. For the outdoor enthusiasts it means this is a great treatment for their ATV’s in the summer and their Skidoos in the winter.

Darrell Hails - Grimsby, Ontario
1999 Craftsman 5 H.P., 22 inch Dual Stage Snow Blower, Model C950-52105-1
1993 Mustang Motor in a 1993 Miata
My car has a 1993 mustang motor and 5 speed transmission in a 1993 miata. I put both the engine additive and the gas treatment in the car at nearly the same time. The car definitely runs more smoothly. Throttle response is much improved. Oil pressure is up 5 lbs. I am very pleased. I am planning another dyno tuning in the next few months. I expect a 6 to 10 hp increase (280 rwhp now) and an equal increase torque. -- J. Dwight via Amazon (Verified Purchase)
At first I thought this was another slick50 type product but after checking out the website and finding no bad reviews I said what the heck let me try it. I've lost money on slick50, prolong, and zmax so what's one more. I put Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment in my 1988 Mercury Cougar XR7 5.0. I was surprised that I actually felt a difference. The engine is running smother. I have 162,000 original miles on the engine and put on 500 mile after adding Cerma. I just have to say with all my heart, Thanks Cerma! Oh my car thanks you too.

Anthony Salon
IP address: 07/05/2013, 08:47 PM
2004 silverado 5.3 v8
O ahhhhhhh mazing :) At first glance, i thought the price was a little crazy.but some in-the-know car guys that i know convinced me to give it a try, and i probably shouldn't have tried it on my only vehicle, but what the hell :D. my vehicle wasn't in bad shape (2004 silverado 5.3 v8) it had a slight tick at high rpm/high speed, i didn't make loud noises/vibration. i received the Cerma engine treatment very quickly ( fast shipment), eager to try. i used as instructed and im very impressed thus far with the results. improved pick-up, engine is quieter, ticking at high speed gone :D. i believe i will consider purchasing other Cerma products. please note this has been only the first day, will update if anything changes/improves. have a great day -- Stephen Reposted from http://www.amazon.com/Cerma-Gas-Ceramic-Engine-Treatment/dp/B00AZONLUC/ By stephen on May 23, 2013:
16” AR-15
I must admit that I tend to view products with skepticism however the proof was in the data. I saw a legitimate 200 fps gain in a 16” AR-15 that would be the equivalent of having a 20” barrel, as well as a legitimate 150 fps boost in a 40 cal Sig P-229R. Now when cleaning time came around, both guns pretty much wiped clean with minimal fuss. I am looking forward to tinkering with this product and can see that it also has some potential for USPSA shooters who have to meet a minimum power floor providing extra velocity without pressure increase.

Corey Vento- Police training officer
Norwalk CT Police Department
I have been using Mobil 1, Shell Helix, Castrol Edge, and now Cerma (Cerma is the best motor oil I have ever used) At first I thought it was my engines life was up, but when I tested Cerma my engine came back to life , on my second car the same thing happened. the piston rings were worn out and I had this changed, and your Cerma oil is all it will ever use.

My cars were a Mercedes SL500 12 Cylinder and Audi R8 8 Cylinder
Would recommend this to anybody who is looking to keep their engine long lasting no matter how many miles is on it. Already used on three of the four cars in our household and have noticed a smoother sound to the engine as well as increased gas mileage on each tank at least getting 50 to 60 extra miles on each full tank on the cars. -- via Amazon (Verified Purchase)
I put Cerma Trans in and have noticed the trans shifts better and the temp gauge is reading cooler.

– Drew (10/25/2012, 09:35 PM)
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